Curriculum Intent

At Allerton Bywater Primary School, our mission is to provide a transformative cradle to career education that allows our children to enjoy lives of choice and opportunity. We aim to nurture and develop the whole child with the belief that ‘Through creativity, challenge and connection, we unleash our true potential.’ Our vision for our curriculum is at the heart of everything we do, from teaching and learning to our extra-curricular offer; from daily activities such as assemblies to longer-term projects in the community and collaborative events with external organisations.

Our school values are at the heart of our curriculum methodology and intent:

CONFIDENCE We want all of our children to develop mastery of the material they study, articulate confidently their understanding and feel ready (and excited!) to progress onto the next stage of learning.
ASPIRATION We develop aspiration in our children by exposing them to an array of opportunities and instilling in them a sense of possibility and passion to pursue what they enjoy.
RESPECT We purposefully plan opportunities for children to encounter cultures, faiths and ways of life that are dissimilar to their own, and we teach children to approach these with sensitivity. We foster a respect for all people in the community through courtesy, kindness and consideration for all people’s beliefs, feelings and property.
EQUALITY We plan challenging, relevant and exciting learning for all pupils. Our teachers scaffold learning to ensure that all pupils, regardless of disadvantage or special educational need, make strong progress and reach their full potential.
INTEGRITY When evaluating our curriculum, we are open about our successes and areas for growth, and we take responsibility to become better every day. Our work in curriculum development is purposeful and rational.
RESILIENCE We plan for children to learn challenging material and complete activities that require sustained focus. We praise progress as well as attainment, and encourage children to 'keep going', especially when learning is difficult.


We are committed to ensuring that our curriculum offer is inclusive, comprehensive and cohesive, and that our curriculum design and teaching are grounded in evidence. We aim to ensure that the full range of core and foundation subjects is carefully mapped so that all children end their primary years having mastered a range of concepts, procedures and skills that fuel a thirst for learning, prepare them for future study and develop an understanding of the world in which they live. Our curriculum meets or exceeds the requirements of the National Curriculum. By the age of 18, we want every one of our children to have the opportunity to attend university or a high-quality alternative. Our curriculum design will contribute to realising this vision.

We are working hard to ensure that underpinning each unit of work is a core body of knowledge that is systematically taught, revised and revisited at distance to ensure that learning is committed to long-term memory. This knowledge builds cumulatively over the eight years that children are with us and, most importantly, it empowers children: it gives them the feeling of ‘being knowledgeable’, develops new interests, allows them to mediate social and cultural references, builds on their understanding of the world and provides valuable content for writing and reading across the curriculum.

Our curriculum bursts with opportunities for children to master processes and undertake disciplinary pursuits that subject experts undertake regularly. As historians, for example, they will gain knowledge of the key events and the people and places that have shaped our world today. They will also use this knowledge to analyse sources or explain cause and effect.

The planned, taught curriculum works alongside meaningful experiences to develop children's cultural capital. We aim to give children a guarantee of visits, exciting visitors and opportunities within the curriculum to prepare them to understand the wider world beyond their own setting. Our extra-curricular offer is expanding. We already have established sporting clubs and fixtures for all ages and we aim to harness the creativity and talents of our staff team and other agencies to broaden this offer.

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education and modern British values are embedded into the curriculum, with links being woven into all years to ensure these values are consistently revisited and consolidated. Pupils at Allerton Bywater will enjoy and benefit from a quality approach to careers, advice and guidance, which is inclusive of all pupils in school.

For our pupils who are identified as needing further support to reach their full potential, precise and planned interventions are arranged. Teachers are working with senior leaders to manage the timetables of these pupils to ensure that their curriculum is broad and balanced whilst providing opportunities for personalised learning. Where pupils require additional support to access learning due to their social, emotional or mental-health needs, this is supported by our learning mentor and other staff.

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