By the end of Year Six, we want our children to leave us with an appreciation for a wide range of music, an enjoyment of performance and music making, and an understanding of how sounds work together to create music. 

Discrete music lessons take place weekly in EYFS and KS1, and for three of the six half terms a year at KS2. All of our music lessons at Allerton Bywater are taught by specialists: Miss Meiklejohn teaches music in EYFS, a specialist music curriculum teacher from ARTFORMS teaches in KS1, a specialist ukulele and guitar teaches in LKS2 and Mr Asquith teaches UKS2. Music appears elsewhere in the curriculum, too! From chants and rhymes in English and phonics lessons, to cross-curricular songs, music is an integral part of our curriculum. 

During music lessons, pupils study the interrelated aspects of listening and appreciating, composition, performance and understanding music.

Please click here to see our Music progression document.

Please click here to see what Music looks like in the EYFS.

This year, we are very excited to begin working with Opera North. Pupils in Year Five will take part in The Big Sing which will end with a fully staged production at a professional venue. Professional actors and musicians from the company will work with our children to prepare for the final performances. 

There are opportunities for children to take peripatetic music lessons after school. Please speak to Miss Meiklejohn if you are interested in signing up. 

For more information about our music curriculum, please speak to Mr Asquith or Miss Meiklejohn. 

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