School Dinners

Our school has a three-week rotating menu system offering two main meal choices each day, one of which is vegetarian. The children choose in advance so that they always get their preferred choice.

We are also able to cater for any dietary requirements that your child may have, working closely with Catering Leeds to ensure that every child has the option of a healthy, nutritionally balanced, freshly cooked meal.


If you’re a parent, carer or guardian of a child at school and on benefits or a low income, your child may be entitled to free school meals no matter what year they are in - which could save you £420 per year per child. Please click here to find out more.

Please be aware that if your child currently receives Universal Free School Meals (Reception to Year 2), but is also eligible for Free School Meals, it is important that you still claim them as we will also receive additional funding to support extra learning opportunities for them in the classroom too. 



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