Special Education Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

At Allerton Bywater Primary School, we have an inclusive ethos and strive to support all children to achieve at school. We work closely with our children, families and a wide range of professionals to ensure the best possible educational outcomes. Early identification of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) enables early intervention to be implemented and extra support to be put in place.
All children at Allerton Bywater will have access to a curriculum which is differentiated to challenge and meet individual needs.
To ensure all children, including those with SEND, are treated equally and in line with the UN Rights of the Child (1989), we take the following steps:
• Early identification of specific needs that need to be met within the classroom, playground and school life
• Staffing structure to support individual children along with appropriate training for all staff
• Resources allocated to ensure all children can access the full curriculum
• Flexible timetables for children to manage the school day effectively
• Actively engage with other agencies to support specific needs with specialist expertise

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo) is Mrs Ruth Thomas. All SEND provision in school is closely monitored, reviewed and evaluated by the Senior Leadership Team, who then report to the school governing body on how individual needs are being met. To contact the school SENDCo please email abpssend@brigshawtrust.com
School has an identified budget for SEND. Decisions about the notional SEN budget are made in consultation with the governing body and reflect a priority of need. For children identified with a high level of need, further applications for Top Up funding (FFI) are completed by the SENCO.
We work closely with Leeds Children’s Services to ensure we meet the needs of all our children. The Leeds Local Offer provides more information about the services provided.


Please contact your class teacher using dojo if:

  • you wish to speak about learning / behaviour in class/ behaviour on the playground
  • medication
  • reset forms
  • dietary requirements

Please note the class teacher may pass your message on your behalf to a Learning Mentor or the SENDCO

Please contact the school SENDCO (Miss Ruth Thomas) abpssend@brigshawtrust.com if:

  • your child has a diagnosis
  • you are looking to discuss / review an EHCP
  • already work with additional services eg paediatrician, STARs, occupational therapy, speech and language etc

Please contact the Learning Mentors (Lisa Allanson allansl02@brigshawtrust.com) for:

  • persistent behaviour patterns
  • discuss a Recognition Plan
  • wish to speak about family support

Frequently asked questions from parents/carers

What do I do if I think my child may have special educational needs?
If you have concerns regarding your child’s progress or well-being at school these can be discussed with their class teacher or phase leader. You may also wish to contact our SENCO Miss R Thomas on 0113 2869427. Arrangements will be made for a meeting where the school will listen carefully to concerns and put appropriate actions in place. This may involve referring to other professionals such as the Complex Needs Service or Speech and Language Therapy if necessary.


What is Leeds' Local offer for children with additional needs?




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